I don’t know why it took me this long to find such a cool artist honestly. Choosing his works for this post took me no time at all! Italian artist, Marco Mazzoni, creates such eye-catching works with such a different concepts than usual. As people have probably seen, I can’t get enough of portraits. However, Mazzoni takes this to a new level.


He uses colored pencil to put forth his ideas on paper as well as Moleskine notebooks. Most of the perfect lies in the detail. With faces, birds, frogs, butterflies and more, an “I Spy” illusion is created. I found myself asking is there a human face under all those flowers? Does that rabbit have… butterfly wings for ears? His works keep an idea of darkness, with darker shades of color – but some pieces have pops of brighter color. Once again, Mazzoni even keeps it exciting in his color choice.

Something really interesting about the pieces including the women he draws is they usually don’t have human eyes that are shown! Some pieces keep a white field open where they eyes would be and some pieces cover the upper face with flowers. One piece gave the illusion that the flowers were the eyes. I find that the pieces with no eyes are the most interesting – when usually, the eyes are my favorite part! Another example of how Mazzoni’s work is so unique.

His works of these women derive from his interest in women healers. In an interview, he explains that he wants to illustrate the importance of these women healers and mothers because the Italian culture rarely does.

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*I have not found a site just yet where you can buy his prints, but I’ll keep working on it!*


This weekend, suicide touched our campus and left many behind upset, devastated and confused. While I only had a class with the girl who passed, such a thing does not go by without making me think about what happened. Suicide has affected my family as well and I would never wish such a thing on another human being.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Life is a gift, with a lesson in each day. It is something so precious and nobody should suffer through it.

For those who contemplate it: this is not the way to go. Trust that this too shall pass and see that there is something beautiful in each day. Life has much more in store for you and you are never alone. Confide in someone, anyone you trust. You can even call anonymously at 1-800-273-8255, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline – counselors are ready 24/7 willing to provide the help you need and deserve. To Write Love on Her Arms also provides help on their website.

For those who think a loved one is in danger: the hotline listed above is available for you too to talk about options of help for your loved one. Learn to recognize the signs here. Always remind the person they are loved and special.

Suicide has taken so many beautiful lives.

A few among many that shall rest in peace: Peter Fenza | Katherine (Katy) Comer | Raven Mednick

“Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.” – William James



Tonight, I stumbled upon a French artist, Marynn, whose work is really great. She is a 21year old graphic design student from Nantes, France. Finding information on her was quite a task – this includes even trying to find the media used for her art. What I did find out was that many pieces were created from pencil, with touches of additional media such as watercolor. I really tried to learn more but was unsuccessful but still felt the need to share her work!

One of her pieces illustrates a young girl, drawn with extreme detail, wearing a crown outline – sipping Jaegermeister from a juicebox! Small touches like that make Marynn’s work so much fun to look at. Another piece illustrates a young girl with a bunny asking where Alice is. Putting two and two together, I realized this was a bit of ‘Alice In Wonderland” humor. I immediately loved the piece seeing as that is one of my favorite Disney movies. For people who know French, they will quickly realize the use of some choice words from her work – continuing to give her work a sense of humor and keeping it fun! Words such as ‘conne’, ‘putain’ and ‘merde’ have been carefully placed in some pieces – very funny and very unique!

I love that each piece’s main body is black and white but small details are done in color (sweaters, rosy cheeks, hats, etc.). The bright colors contrast so well on top of the pencil. Marynn is also the first artist I’ve researched on that has included male subjects!

Marynn has designed concert posters in France, as seen on her blog, as well as being published in magazines. I have so far seen that she has been published in Paulette Magazine as well as 3PetitPoints!

I hope to see more work by her in the future!

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Portraits are probably my favorite thing to draw, along with other parts of the body. With that also comes my love for looking at other people’s works involving portraits. There are so many things one can do with the human body and face, it is truly amazing. Canadian artist, Kelly Durette takes what is underneath and puts it on the outside. It’s a style like I’ve never seen before! The ladies she draws are not your average women!

Besides her outlining pencil, colored pencils are her really her only medium. The relationship between her dark focus and bright colors on white paper is really interesting; everything contrasts really well. Many of the women drawn can be seen with skull-like details to their faces with hairpieces made of bone and feathers! The hand are also drawn with the bones being seen on the outside of the hand. Adds to the anatomical touch of each piece.

None of the women look the same – each one has a different look on her face. Some put forth a more seductive look and others look innocent. Some of Durette’s work shows nude women or women with S&M items. The scandal shown in these pieces definitely adds to already interesting aspects.

As a teen, she enjoyed tribal art but she soon discovered the ‘Day of the Dead’ style that most of her work portrays today (definitely eye candy for me considering my newfound obsession for skulls!). Her other interests are dark as well such as anatomy, blood and forensics.


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So, I was browsing through Etsy and found a New Orleans self-taught artist, Colleen Downs, who refers to her online shop as Loopyboopy. Her niche is doll making. However, these dolls are out of the ordinary; in fact in my eyes, they are extraordinary. Each doll is unique from the next – different hair, dress and expression.


One of the main mediums used for them is polymer clay, but they are embellished with gesso, paint and pencils. Personally, I am amazed by the eyes alone. The glassy detail hardly looks like it was sculpted from clay. Not to mention, you literally feel the emotion coming from big, innocent eyes! The teased hair is made from yarn and wool. The fashion worn by the dolls is all unique as well. Downs thrifts and selectively picks each piece of fabric put into those dresses!

Yet another individual characteristic of the Loopyboopy line is how each doll has a name and story. The stories are often dark relating to topics of appearance, ghosts and being an orphan. While each doll’s story is amazing and quirky, the artist’s life story is just as amazing! In an interview the artist explains how much of her inspiration has come from her own childhood, as well as becoming a parent.  Her artistry became full time when she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and had to start working from home. It is truly inspirational to see someone who has chosen art to work to help her work through obstacles and make things work!

And of course, in honor of it being October, there have been Halloween creations and ornaments produced as well! They have an even darker look, wearing more black than most of the dolls. They are just as interesting and fun!


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While searching through the Juxtapoz website I found an artist who had flawless designs. Everything about his work is influential. His name, my friends, is: Rik Lee.


Rik Lee is a New Zealand native currently residing in Australia. His work has gone commercial with brands such as Hurley, Puma and Nylon. The mediums of choice for him range from simple lead pencils and watercolors to computer art.  His work includes a lot of portraits and animals. The crispness in his designs is truly unique and beautiful. His art isn’t displayed on skin, but on paper. However, he has taken requests from people to transfer from sketchpad to skin. In an interview with the Jacky Winter group, he claimed that his friends requesting tattoos were actually his favorite clients (Amazing artist and down to earth? Seems like one cool dude.).

I’d have to say that my favorite parts of this art are the crispness of each line and look of the ladies he draws. As strange as it may sound, the ‘free’ look to the women he draws is almost inspirational. They represent women who embrace their body and do as they please with their appearance without conforming to society’s idea of what might be perfect. That is truly something that a lot of girls and women could learn from these days.


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